Welcome to Kataylst's website at kataylsticd.com We are an industrial coatings distributor located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our primary focus is providing industrial and high performance coatings for both shop and field applications. We can provide high performance protective coatings, industrial coatings – liquid and powder coatings, architectural paints, and any application tools and sundries for any and all of your coatings needs. We have over 80 years years of combined experience in the paints and coatings industry, and many NACE Certified Coating Inspectors on staff.


Our primary suppliers are PPG Industries and Dupont. We also distribute products for Polyspec, Jones-Blair, ITW Resin Tech, BASF, and have agreements with chemical and solvent suppliers. We intend to add others as opportunities arise. More specifically, our suppliers have the following product lines:


PPGPorter LogoPPG PaintsPPG PMCHi Temp

- Protective & Marine Coatings: this is the Ameron Coatings line purchased by PPG in 2006. It includes high performance coatings for shop and field application to the industrial and marine markets as well as the military and include: acrylics, epoxies, urethanes, polysiloxanes, intumescent fire proofing coatings, etc. www.ppgpmc.com

- High Performance Coatings: PPG line of field applied coatings that includes: acrylics, alkyds, epoxies, and

Urethanes. www.ppghpc.com

- True Finish Coatings: PPG line of shop applied liquid and powder coatings for the OEM market that include: acrylics, alkyds, water-reducible alkyds, vinyls, polyesters, epoxies, and urethanes. www.ppgtruefinish.com

- Pittsburgh Paints/Olympic Paints: PPG lines of architectural paints for residential and new constructions markets that includes a full line of paints and stains for all construction materials. www.pittsburghpaints.com;

- Porter Paints: PPG lines of architectural paints for residential and new constructions markets that includes a full line of paints and stains for all construction materials. www.porterpaints.com

-HI-Temp:Temperature coatings


Axalta (Formerly Dupont)     Dupont Industrial

- Industrial Coatings: Dupont Industrial coatings line for shop applied (OEM) and field applied coatings that are the best quality in the industry and include: acrylics, alkyds, epoxies, and urethanes.

- Powder Coatings: Full line of powder coatings for the OEM market.

- www.performancecoatings.dupont.com


 Rustoleum Industrial   Rustoleum Sierra Rustoleum Concrete protectionRustoleum High Perf


-Rustoleum High Performance

-Rustoleum Industrial Choice

-Rustoleum Sierra Performance Coatings

 -Rustoleum Commercial

-Rustoleum Concrete Saver

-Rustoleum Concrete Protection Systems

-Mathys by Rustoleum

-Rustoleum Lubricants/Cleaners

-Zinsser Primers




- A leading manufacturer of polymer coatings, linings, flooring and sealants for construction and corrosion protection in industrial, institutional, commercial and marine markets that include: epoxies (thin film, 100% solids, waterborne, and flexible epoxy), urethanes, and polysulfide coatings and sealants.

- www.polyspec.com


 Jones Blair LogoJones Blair Logo 3

- JONES-BLAIR High Performance Coatings: for industrial OEM coatings, maintenance applications and corporate re-imaging coatings that include: acrylics, alkyds, epoxies, and urethanes

- Neogard: surface applied waterproofing, seamless epoxy flooring, elastomeric roofing and wall coating systems for the commercial and new construction markets.

- www.jones-blair.com


ITW Logo Resin Technologies  

- Manufactures floor coating products for maintenance, repair, and industrial applications that include: epoxies (thin film, waterborne, 100% solids), and urethanes.

- www.itwresintech.com



-Manufacture of thermal insulation coatings for manufacturing, industrial, marine and petroleum industries

-Industrial thermal insulation, sound control, anti-condensation and insulating roof coating.

-Lizard Skin for the automotive industry


Key ResinKey Resin Logo 3

-Resinous floor systems

-Decorative systems

-Industrial systems

-Cove base systems

-Secondary containment systems


Airlessco Spray EquipmentAirlessco

-Airless Sprayers


-Striping Equipment



- Manufacture specialty caulks and sealants for OEM Industrial Building Systems

- www.buildingsystems.basf.com



We can offer a coating solution to you for all situations and any coatings problem that you have. Please let us know if we can help.